For many years I've dabbled in code. Since my first years in marketing, I pushed to learn HTML and CSS. 'To help me amend the brochure website' was my reasoning, and to be honest, back then I felt I needed a reason other than, I've always wanted to learn this.

I loved the course my company put me on and I explored it further until I was able to build static websites. I got a bit of freelance work where I built some very basic static websites. They weren't bad, but completely hard coded.

From there I learned more about building websites with CMS's like WordPress, Moustache and another open sourced CMS which has since folded. I also started to dabble in designing my own websites, and made a number of personal projects. I've since built many many WordPress websites, using child themes, _s (underscores) and recently looking at Tailwind CSS in WordPress.

A couple of years ago I wanted to learn more about the interactivity side of Web design, and learnt JavaScript, which lead me to understanding more about web apps, which as you can imagine lead me to become fascinated by ReactJS. I learnt React and built my own to do app, as everyone does, which is hosted on Netlify and uses Google's Firebase database. This app is functional and you can find and use it here: TodoAF.

I joined a company called Appscore, as an Account Manager, with somewhat of a thought that I'd continue my React learning and being at an App company might lead to befriending devs or just give me some more of an idea of what to do to take my career in that direction. This didn't pan out. The Account Management part of the job, as an introvert, was truly exhausting. I do not get my energy from talking to people, much less from having hard conversations with clients. The learning before and after work stopped. Commuting was 1 hour each way, and I was just exhausted.

I moved into a Project Management role, although I also kept my Account Management duties, which put me closer to the development part of the company, and started to refresh my desire for a career in development, but again, quite tiring talking to people and and hard to focus on two job responsibilities and then even contemplate doing extra work before and after a day of work.

And that brings me here. I want to get back into learning programming and really give it a proper go.

I have a good history in web development, so I'm going to continue learning that side of things, for example this website is refreshing my memory on React and NextJS, but I really want more 'real' programming, so I have chosen to learn Python. I have created a GitHub repository to show all the Python Projects I'm building to learn the language, which you can see it here if you want: Python Projects.

After building this blog, also hosted on Github and deployed through Vercel, I realise I need to do a bit of refresher on JavaScript, React, NextJS, Svelte, GraphQL (and all the other bits and pieces that touch each.)