100 Days of Code

#100DaysOfCode is a self directed challenge to keep you motivated in your learning. If you can commit to 100 back-to-back days of coding, you're likely going to be in a good place by the end of it. That's over 3 solid months.

I'm not going to lie, I failed on the 'back-to-back' part quite early on. But I was also not 100% committed to that part of it.

I worked an extra 4 weeks of notice at my job to help them find a replacement, so wasn't quite committed in the beginning, and I have also got a decent background in some fundamentals. I am using the 100 days of code as a bit of encouragement to at least do them as quickly as I can. I've missed a few days, but I'm so far on day 40. I am also using this as more of a 100DaysOfPython, which is actually the Udemy course I signed up for.

I'm finding it really helpful, and whether it's learning Python or the teacher, I'm starting to understand more about the mechanics of how and why functions, Classes and OOP actually work. It's even making React and JavaScript make more sense to me.

Now I have this blog set up. I will try to write at least once a week on some of the things I've learned. Maybe when I need to really get my head around a concept or share some frustrations, I'm going to try to learn in the open.

I have started uploading the Python Projects to my github page here: <a href='https://github.com/and-why/PythonProjects'>Python Projects</a> if for some reason you want to have a look.